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Lodge & Accomodations

Dining room, conference room, TV, lounging area, tackle shop, kitchen and office spaces 

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Dining Area where you will be served the best home cooked meals in the North


In June of 2016 we began the demolition of two old cabins and replacing them with new winterized deluxe accommodations.

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Near completion - September 8, 2016

And the completion of the cabins for the opening of our 2017 Fishing Season……

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We start working long before you arrive to ensure that every aspect of your trip is flawless. Your comfort is a great concern to us. The two new main winterized cabins have a large sitting area complete with Refrigerator, Microwave, 26” CableTV, Wi-Fi, Coffee station, Safe, etc.

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Each of the two Main Cabins have four bedrooms, each with two beds and a bathroom complete with toilet and shower in each room.

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Lean Cabin - View 1.JPG


Attached to the main cabin are two smaller rooms on each side with two beds each and again complete with washroom facilities, TV, Wi-Fi and all amenities mentioned above.

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Lean Cabin - View 4.JPG
Lean Cabin - View 2.JPG

A wonderful addition to the Lodge and a great living experience for our guests. The compliments were fast and furious from every guest.

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