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What to Bring


Our weather is usually very warm for the latitude, however, it is best to always be prepared….over-dress as you can always remove a layer of clothing. Lately the summer months have been warmer than the averages below but again, COME PREPARED!!!!!

Average temperatures:

  • Early June - 65-70℉

  • Mid June - 69-75℉

  • July - 70-75℉

  • August - 70-75℉

  • Early September - 65-70℉

  • Mid September - 50-60℉

​We recommend you bring:

  • Warm jackets, pants and shirts, long underwear and gloves

  • Rain jackets and pants, waterproof footwear, wool socks and walking shoes

  • Fishing gear (e.g. Spin cast or fly rods) and tackle

  • Sunscreen, personal sundries, insect repellent, camera and batteries

  • Waterproof carry-on bag if you intend to carry items on the boat 

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